Megacon 2014

So, who’s going to Megacon this year? Does anyone want to meet up, exchange secret handshakes?

Happy holidays

I’m so incredibly depressed tonight, holy shit.

Extra Life annual charity gaming marathon!

In just 75 minutes, I’m going to start my charity marathon. I’ll be gaming from 9:00 AM EST 11/3/2013 til 10:00 AM EST 11/4/2013 to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network, with donations specifically going to benefit the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children here in Orlando, Florida. I’ll be streaming a large portion of the marathon on my TwitchTV channel if you’re interested in watching.

All donations are completely tax-deductible, and anyone from any country in the world can donate via my Extra Life page linked above. Help some sick kids have a better holiday season this year! Any donation amount is appreciated!

Extra Life charity, donate to help sick children in the hospital!

Alright folks, we’ve got about a week before the event. Let’s see if we can raise some more money for the sick kids at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children to help ensure that, even though they’re stuck in the hospital for treatment, they can still have a great holiday season!

I know I’m asking a lot, but this is important. These kids (and their families) are going through hardships most of us can’t even begin to understand, so let’s help them out. Even a dollar is enough to help turn things around!

Play games. Heal kids. Nov. 2

I just supported Play games. Heal kids. Nov. 2 on @ThunderclapIt // @ExtraLife4Kids


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