So, anyone else going to AFO this year? I think it would be pretty rad to have coffee or some such with any Tumblrs I know who’re planning to attend.

Fallout Cosplay

So I’ve decided what my next major cosplay’s going to be. Gonna do a vault dwellerfrom the Fallout series. Seems pretty simple, just need to make some basic modifications to a set of navy coveralls, like adding the yellow striping and the big77 in yellow on the back. Probably going to do the other various details and minorarmor pieces as well, because it’s not like they’re going to be particularly complicated.

No, the complicated part will be the Pip Boy 3000. I’m going to have to buy the resin cast and the various electronics for that, do some minor drilling, sanding, and repainting to get it all installed, and probably fabricate the handplate myself to attach to the back of a fingerless glove. After that, a toolbelt and a wastelanded rifle should complete the look quite nicely.

Optimally, I’d like this costume done by August so I can wear it to AFO, but I suppose time will tell.

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